Viking long boat

Why the Vikings were the badassest explorers

McClusky History

Viking Badassness. These were kickass dudes, when they liked something they just took it. Like going into a supermarket, sticking your trolley full of of alcohol, cigars and popping candy and then walking out without paying, meanwhile slaying that pimple ridden 16 year old behind the register. Cultural cliches and …

Battle of Agincourt

battle of Agincourt

Ludwig Von Minkmeister History

Agincourt, where Chivalry died The French and the English, what would they have done without each other during the middle ages and beyond. Commerce and trading recipes, inviting each other over for beer and cheese would have been the wise thing. And the English would says; “your beer tastes like …

citroen sm

Amazing Citroen SM

McClusky Seventies

Idi Amin had seven of them The fascination with French cars has always struck us as a bit odd. Almost like being addicted to toast with Vegemite, or claiming Hungary is the best country to spend your holidays. It is almost as unbelievable as the love that some people have …

Jack Parrow sie ou

Jack Parow is the man

McClusky Music, Nonsense

Jack Parrow, rol met die 3310

Here at Minkmeister, we love our music. We also love everything Afrikaans. The fly in our bowl of rice is the man from Cape Town; Jack Parow

ancilla tilia

McClusky Bokkies

Ancilla has been advocating privacy rights for a while now. She has therefore joined a political party that, among other things, focuses on data security, civil right and freedom of information; The Pirate Party.

“I have long been promoting a free and open internet and the right for privacy, and did not have any second thoughts about joining the Dutch pirate party”.

diane kruger

diane kruger

Ludwig Von Minkmeister Bokkies

Speaks a hand full of languages fluently, is German, has a wicked set of legs and was 50th in Maxims 100 Hot women in 2005

Norway 100 kroner note cool money

Why they got their new Bank Notes right

McClusky History

When the Norwegians introduced their new bank notes recently, I realised that a lot of countries had gone from beautiful looking notes, portraying national heroes and wars won. To meaningless or down right ugly looking notes. All in the name of art and fraud prevention.

The Norwegians got it right however. Why did Norway get it right? Because Norway has it’s shit together after all it is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. And when you are prosperous, you are always right, look at Donald Trump. Norway is also the country where every wants to live, even the Norwegians. It is also a country that has stuff,