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Alison Doody

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Kiss Me, I’m Irish.
Alison Doody, born in Dublin, Ireland 1964. She was -and still is- the youngest Bond girl ever. She empitomizes horniness in the eighties when she played a small part as Jenny Flex in 1985’s A View to a Kill (Roger Moore’s swansong). Not bad for a debut role. And we claim that she was the most beautiful Bond Girl ever. But I mean, Jenny Flex. Who came up with that? Sophia Onatop and Pussy Galore those were previous Bond girl names. But crap, Jenny Flex.

Flex to Bond: “welcome sir, I’ m Jenny Flex”.

Bond to Flex: “Of course you are”.

In view to a kill she decored behind Christopher Walken (the guy with the yellow lense sunglases) and the “somewhat eccentric” Grace Jones.

Alison Doody as Jenny Flex in View to a Kill. This here is eighties hot

Alison Doody as Jenny Flex in View to a Kill. This here, is eighties hot. And keep your boots on.

Everyone who could play alongside a ridiculously looking Chris Walken (as Zorin), with a straight face like Alison, deserves triple credit.

Her real breakthrough was in 1989 were she played another bad girl: Nazi bitch Dr.Elsa Schneider, in Indiana Jones and the last Crusade. And not just some Nazi bitch, a 27 year old Nazi bitch.

As we say here at Minkmeister; Nazi bitches are like alcohol, smoking and eating fastfood, so bad but soooo good. So If your hotties out there want our attention; dress up like a Nazi bitch.

Did I say Nazi bitch yet?

Things don’t end too well for Elsa in this movie. She suffers a couple of cuts in the face and dies. Not because of the cuts in her face but from drinking from the wrong holy grale.  Rumour has it, that during the shooting of this film in the Jordanian desert, Alison broke a total of 4 finger nails.

After all this hardworking acting, and because she landed some rich prick CEO, she took a break and re-appeared in land of movies again in 2004. (The guy did turn out to be a prick as she divorced him in 2006.)

2004 saw her in King Solomon’s mines, along side Patrick Swayze (who I dont find a particularly convincing actor).

She also did some stuff for Ireland’s RTE, but let’s faces who would watch RTE. Apart from a few Paddies. (Disclaimer; we love Ireland and take every opportunity to sample an Irish pub if we get the chance. Because we are Minkmeister.)

Alsion Doody

Harrison Ford is clearly not impressed by Alison for having dressed up like a Nazi bitch.

Alison Doody ages gracefully too, sure she had a bit of work done here, but every one deserves regular dentist visits. She currently hangs out with Tadhg Geary, another rich prick (at least after flogging of his bling-beef empire to Sysco in 2009, raking in about 200M euro, which is not bad for a turkey breeder).

Alison Doody, sitting on on a sofa and aging gracefully

Alison Doody, sitting on on a sofa and aging gracefully. With her boots on my coffee table.



Minkmeister Score:  7.5 , simply because she is the eighties hardbod in A View to a Kill, and because she was still looking great

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