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Jack Parow is the man

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Jack Parow, bra, keep the steam train running!

Here at Minkmeister, we love our music. We also love everything Afrikaans. A couple of years ago, we started digging into the Afrikaans music scene and found outfits like Fokof Polisie kar and jewels like Karen Zoid. But Jack Parow is the man, he is the absolute fly in the bowl of rice, that is called Afrikaans rap. And we mean that as an absolute sign of r3spect. So let’s get the boring stuff out of the way.

Zander Tyler, born 1982. Hails from Parow, a suburb of Cape town ‘Souf Africa’.

Albums: Cooler as ekke (2009),Jack Parow (2010), Eksie Ou (2011), Nag van die lang pette (2014).

And by the way, we are still accepting emails from people that want to put us in touch with the chick, wearing the Slayer shirt, in the Eksie Ou video. Parow realised that rapping in Afrikaans was always going to make him stick out more than doing it in the English language ever would.

Parow is an exponent of zef.  “The zef rise of culture” , is sometimes perceived to be an expression of “Afrikaner self-parody” growing out of a sense of “national melancholia” in post-apartheid South Africa. OK, self-parody, Parow seems to have plenty of it.  Just look at the hat he wears. Is he zef?  We will leave that for the Saffers to decide.

Jack Parow is zef

Jack Parow is zef

We think he is zef. Australia has its bogans and Jackie boy would fit right in.

Whatever Parow is or is not, we still dig his style and music.

nog n klein biekie makeup, lyk soos post mortem. nog n pose, nog n smile, nog een album op we are awesomeEks ie ou

From, the country that has brought us Snotkop (who has a website with audio, and looks like an over cooked version of Vanilla Ice), they guy that says “diplomatic immunity” in Lethal weapon, Oscar Pistorius, and Charlize Theron (more to follow), Parow is the man.

If  someone raps “Fok Fokkity Fok”, straight away you have our attention and r3spect. We also envy Mr.Parow for partying with Francois van Coke. Jack Parow makes us want to be South African, but we are not. Hos ja!


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