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The beauty from Benoni, La Theron

@Minkmeister we love everything Afrikaans. And for those of you who have not noticed it yet, we also love beautiful women (even the fat ones).  If  there ever was a perfects mix with these two ingredients, and it’s no biltong with lard, it is La Theron. We might as well spoil this post and say that this quintessential It Girl is high up in our top 10. Did we mention this is one classy broad?

Charlize Theron won an Academy award for best actress, 2004. Screen actors guild award, Golden globe as well as being the first South African to ever win an Oscar. Not a bad achievement.

charlize devils advocateWe remember her best from her appearance in “The Devil’s advocate” (1997).  Damn was she hot in that. Our bet is, is that she was casted to appear in the movie to compensate for the square head, bland looking, one dimensional acting Keanu Reeves, perhaps not intentionally, but this is certaily the way it worked out. By the way, the other stunner in this movie was Denmark’s Connie Nielsen.

If Charlize Theron was a fruit, she would most definitely be a peach. If she was chocolate, it would have been made by Lindt.

In 2008, on a gay evening of simple enjoyment,  the Hasty Puddings society elected  Charlize Theatrical woman of the year. In that same year she was appointed UN messenger of peace. Here at Minkmeister’s news room things do get very heated, loud and down right hostile on a more than regular basis, so we summonse Charlize to come give us a couple of peace lessons. Oh and crack a few jokes because this woman is very witty.

Ever since her appearance in Monster in 2004, in which she morphed from a glossy thorough bread into a bloated street hooker, she has  continued seeking challenging roles.

I hate actors who come and quote Nietzsche.Charlize Theron

Valley of Elah (2007), she was a put-upon, single mother cop.

In Sleepwalking (2008), she played a fading beauty who abandons her child.

In The Burning Plain (2008), she was a self-harming, sexually incontinent restaurant manager stranded in some jerkwater in Oregon.

She went post apocalyptic in 2012, starring as  Furiosa,  in Mad Max Fury Road, shot somewhere in Namibia (movie to come out mid 2015). And as if this wasn’t enough it also has our Aussie beauty Megan Gale in it.

2012  saw her re-appear in Riddley Scott’s Prometeus, playing a cold blooded, corporate bitch.

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Stop! Hammer time!


She currently hangs out with Sean Penn, the who used to do Madonna Sean Penn. Sean James Dean Penn. But let’s not waste too much time on him. The problem with that is not that she is with Sean-who-is-fifteen-years-older-than-her Penn, the problem is that she is with someone. Which is good for her, but not good for us. Penn reckons she is a “keeper”. No idea what hockey’s got to do with this, uh hang on, bloody oath she is!

Score:   8.5  (simply because we don’t give away 10’s)

Why? Good looking, witty, philantropist, played some intriguing roles. Plain and simple.[vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″]

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