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Ancilla and the Pirate Fairy

Ancilla has been advocating privacy rights for a while now.  She has therefore joined a political party that, among other things,  focuses on data security, civil right and freedom of information;  The Pirate Party. Besides that she is also involved in Holland’s Bits of Freedom (BOF). BOF fights for digital civil rights. She left school at the age of 16, but that does not seem to have impaired this woman’s intellect.

“I have long been promoting a free and open internet and the right for privacy,  and did not have any second thoughts about joining the Dutch pirate party”.Ancilla Tillia

Check this woman’s twitter and it is full of politically engaged stuff, to tell you the truth I agree with  most of it.

For this alone, Minkmeister dig’s this chick. But wait there is more. A Playboy magazine appearance, featured in FHM and Maxim, yadijaa. She was also elected ‘Most sexy vegetarian 2008’. The thing that trumps it all, is this chick clads in leather and latex. Hell, yeah! Straight away this means almost full kudos.  This chick is Holland’s answer to Scarlet Johansson, and guess who just got served off the coury

“Cuz boobs are fun but rights are important”Ancilla Tillia

But what her public persona arguably does do is bring glamour to internet privacy, making an often ponderous topic just a little bit more attractive.